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The Golden Hour

Ryker #1

Judd Ryker is the new chief of the State Department’s experimental Crisis Reaction Unit. He abandoned the cozy life of a college professor to test his ideas—and himself—in the real world of international diplomacy and intrigue. So far, Ryker’s experiment is failing.

A sudden crisis in Africa is his big chance. Mali’s president has been overthrown in a coup, a Senator’s daughter has been kidnapped in Timbuktu, and a violent new Jihadist cell has arisen in the desert. Ryker has just 100 hours to restore the president, rescue the hostage, and protect the American embassy from terrorist attack. But first Ryker must uncover the truth.

In his debut novel, Moss, formerly the top U.S. diplomat for West Africa, guides the reader across the Sahara Desert and deep inside the murky world of American national security in the 21st Century.

Praise for The Golden Hour


A novel that makes your heart race . . . a thriller that weaves diplomacy and national security together with espionage, terrorism and Washington infighting.



An extraordinary international thriller debut from a writer who has lived and breathed every inch of it. Moss knows where all the bodies are buried – literally. 

- W.E.B. GRIFFIN, #1 New York Times-bestselling author


The next time you hear about turmoil in a troubled corner of the world and the debate about how the United States should intervene, you’ll think of The Golden Hour. Tom Clancy used fiction to illuminate the world of the military; Todd Moss is using it to reveal the world of diplomacy.

- JAMES FALLOWS, National Correspondent, The Atlantic


A superbly realistic, high-powered thriller. It’s all here: spectacular and exotic settings, terror, violence, beauty, good and evil and everything in between. It is just about impossible to stop reading this book.

- DOUGLAS PRESTON, #1 New York Times-bestselling author


A tough, realistic, well-written tale…Moss is an insider who knows how these things are really done – and how thin the line is between triumph and disaster.

- JOHN SANDFORD, #1 New York Times-bestselling author