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The Shadow List

Ryker #4

Ever gotten an email from a Nigerian prince or a Russian oligarch promising easy money? We all laugh when it pops up in our inbox. And we wonder how anybody falls for these things. But scams are no laughing matter. They are one of the biggest organized crime rackets in the world. They are deadly – and State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker has fallen right into the middle of one. (Read more)


Todd Moss was the top American diplomat in West Africa.

Now he draws on his real-world experiences inside the U.S. Government to bring to life the exhilaration—and frustrations—of modern-day foreign policymaking in the Ryker thriller series.

A novel that makes your heart race...a thriller that weaves diplomacy and national security together with espionage, terrorism and Washington infighting.
— Washington Post on The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

Ryker #1

Judd Ryker is chief of the State Department’s new experimental Crisis Reaction Unit. He abandoned the cozy life of a college professor to test his ideas—and himself—in the real world of international diplomacy and intrigue. So far, Ryker’s experiment is failing. (Read more)

Minute Zero

Ryker #2

In the life of every country, at a moment of extreme national disruption, there is a brief period of breakdown, when everything is uncertain, events can turn on a dime. That is the moment to act, to shape events. That is Minute Zero. (Read more)

Ghosts of Havana

Ryker #3

When four American sport fishermen stray into Cuban waters and are promptly arrested by Castro’s navy, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker finds himself called in to negotiate their release. But the more Ryker digs in to the situation, the more things he discovers that just don’t seem to fit, especially now, with relations between the United States and Cuba supposedly thawing. (Read more)