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Minute Zero

Ryker #2

In the life of every country, at a moment of extreme national disruption, there is a brief period of breakdown, when everything is uncertain and events can turn on a dime. That is the time to act, the moment to shape history. That is Minute Zero.

Fresh off the harrowing events of The Golden Hour, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker is thrown into a quickly developing emergency in Zimbabwe, where a longtime strongman is being challenged for the presidency. Rumors are flying furiously: armed gangs, military crackdowns, shady outside money pouring in, and, most disturbing for the United States, reports of highly enriched uranium leaking into the market. And that’s all before Ryker even lands in the country. If he can’t get control, shape his Minute Zero, people are going to die—not least of all himself.

Praise for Minute Zero


From Washington to Bangkok, Harare to Johannesburg, Todd Moss keeps up a break-neck pace in Minute Zero, with startling plot twists, dazzling characters and a peek behind the curtain of diplomacy that is actually fun.

- JONATHAN WEISMAN, New York Times correspondent and author of No. 4 Imperial Lane

Nothing I have ever read captures the behind-the-scenes intrigue and hours of challenging a long-standing strongman in Africa more than I found in every page of Moss’s Minute Zero. Few novels are this good and this realistic.

- JOE TRIPPI, Political strategist


Judd Ryker may be a dashing fictional character, but the world he inhabits is very real. Todd Moss knows Africa, and Minute Zero nails today’s Zimbabwe perfectly. Robert Mugabe just might be displeased.

- AMBASSADOR MARK BELLAMY, former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya


A tense, fast-paced, utterly convincing picture of chaos in the making. A brilliantly orchestrated realpolitik thriller. Moss’s second effort is as instructive as it is thrilling.

- KIRKUS (starred review)

A thoroughly believable and politically charged thriller. Moss directs the events like a maestro in an orchestra, taking readers across the globe from the U.S. to Zimbabwe to Taiwan and more, in short, suspense-filled chapters.