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Ghosts of Havana

Ryker #3

When four American sport fishermen stray into Cuban waters and are promptly arrested by Castro’s navy, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker is called in to negotiate their release. But the more Ryker digs in to the situation, the more he discovers that things just don’t seem to fit, especially now, with relations between the United States and Cuba supposedly thawing.

Who are these men, and what were they really doing? What is Ryker’s actual mission, and what is his own government hiding?

Some people want the new initiative to succeed. Others will stop it at any cost. Still others see it as an opportunity for something much more radical. The Ghosts of Havana are walking, and Ryker is caught in the middle.

Read the author's column in USA Today, "Cuba's charming, tragic time warp."

Praise for Ghosts of Havana

Diplomats jealous of the CIA’s star treatment in pop culture might want to read this new thriller. Moss tells the story of State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker as he battles shadowy factions maneuvering to undermine America’s thaw in relations with Cuba. Art imitated life….


Judd Ryker is the Indiana Jones of the political world.

- OWEN BARDER, Development Drums Podcast

Moss combines an insider’s knowledge with the storytelling skills of a master. Just read a few pages – you won’t be able to stop.

- MOISES NAIM, author of THE END OF POWER and former editor in chief of Foreign Policy magazine

Moss’s Judd Ryker novels are wildly entertaining romps through the world of a mythical political scientist who ends up with real power in a massive government bureaucracy…sort of.

- LAURA SEAY, Washington Post